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Aid agencies appealing for flood help in Africa

United Nation agencies are seeking millions of dollars for the more than 1 million Africans affected by deadly floods across the continent.
According to the Associated Press, the United States announcing $100,000 for Uganda, one of the hardest hit countries, with the European Commision and the Netherlands each planning to send more than $15 million in aid.
The International Red Cross has rushed relief workers to Ghana, Togo and Uganda to raise money and deal with the crisis.
The floods have killed at least 200 people and displaced hundreds of thousands since the summer across central and eastern Africa, affecting 17 countries.
The British Broadcasting Corp.: “The floods are said to be the worst in many countries for decades.?
According to the AP, medical officials said illnesses are spreading despite UNICEF distributing basic disease-prevention kits. A nurse at a health clinic close to a school, Florence Asega, said she sees children increasingly suffering from malaria and diarrhea.
The BBC reports that there will be a long-term need for food aid in Northern Ghana, because the annual maize crop has been destroyed just before harvesting season.