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Anoka man charged with burning cross on his own lawn

A 47-year-old Anoka man was charged Friday with falsely reporting a crime after reporting a burned cross on his lawn Wednesday. He had previously told police that he woke up Wednesday morning to a charred outline of a cross burned in the lawn of his house. He set the blaze himself in “a search for sympathy and money,? said The Star Tribune.
De’Andre June was charged with falsely reporting a crime. He also was charged Friday with disorderly conduct and obstructing the legal process in a different altercation with police.
The incident had been treated by police as a racially biased attack.
Inmates at the Anoka County Jail told authorities that June had planned the incident. June had told the inmates last week that he was going to burn a cross in his yard and blame it on his neighbor, reports the Star Tribune.
Anoka County Jail inmates saw the story about the incident on TV and recognized June, according to Capt. Phil Johanson of the Anoka Police Department as quoted by The Associated Press. When he was in jail with them last week, they said “he had made comments that he was going to do something like this to get sympathy from the community and the church for financial gains and otherwise.?
According to the Star Tribune, Johanson said he had no reason to believe that the attack had been a hoax when police responded early Wednesday morning.
Johanson said his office received numerous calls from people offering their support to June and his family. “It’s been moving this week,? he said.
Neighbors and supporters in Anoka who had been planning a community prayer rally at June’s home Sunday were surprised and dissapointed to hear the news about June.

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