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Guest rips off head of hotel’s duck

A guest at the Embassy Suites hotel in St. Paul could face jail time and a $5,000 fine for tearing the head off a tame duck early Saturday.
The 26-year-old Denver businessman is in jail on suspicion of felony animal cruelty. The Pioneer Press mentions the man’s name, Scott D. Clark, while the Star Tribune did not, following general policy to not identify suspects until they are formally charged.
About 2:30 a.m. Saturday, the man abruptly chased down and killed one of the ducks the hotel keeps in an ornamental pond inside the lobby and atrium, according to police.
The Star Tribune said that one of the hotel’s security guards saw the man corner one of the ducks and rip its head off from its body, quoting Sgt. John Wuorinen.
The man reportedly told astonished onlookers that he was hungry, with the Pioneer Press reporting that he said, “I’m hungry. I’m gonna eat it,? according to the police report.
“It sounds like there was quite a bit of alcohol involved,? Wuorinen said.
The man was detained by hotel security guards and then taken into custody by police. He spent Saturday night in the Ramsey County Jail and was scheduled to appear in court on Monday. According to the Pioneer Press, police said they were not aware of the man having any criminal record.
The Pioneer Press also reports that the man declined a request for an interview on Saturday.

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