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On leads

Says the Pioneer Press' lead on a recent shooting incident in the Target Center, "Minneapolis police are looking for a man who allegedly fired a handgun at another spectator in the Target Center stands Saturday night as thousands watched a mixed-martial arts competition." This is an example of a hard-news lead, giving the reader the vital information immediately while grabbing the reader's attention. From this lead, the reader learns the what (a shooting), who (involved are a male suspect, a spectator victim, Minneapolis police and the thousands of other spectators), where (the stands of the Target Center, a major events arena in our area), and when (late Saturday during a competition), A large amount of detail is given in the lead, although the "why" is left out. The vagueness of saying "another spectator" creates a sense of alarm in the reader who wants to know if the victim was a random spectator or if there was a relationship between suspect and victim.