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On event coverage

The Star Tribune ran an Onstage story about the Orpheum’s second staging of “The Lion King.? The angle of the story relied on the numerous roadblocks that came up in producing a grandiose and internationally recognized production for the second time. In the article, the reporter gives several details about difficulties the production team faced along with quotes from the team involved to prove his points. Included in the quoted are an operations coordinator and technical director at the Orpheum, the technical director of “Lion King? and the president of the group that produces Minneapolis’ Broadway season. Instead of simply listing the who, what, where, and when, the reporter created a piece that both informs and interests the reader about the large amount of work put into the show by its creative and technical team. Numbers that detail the show’s popularity and impact in its first Minneapolis production in 1997 (a payroll of more than $1 million for involved workers, a direct economic impact of $11 million in Minneapolis) and in its run across the world (the show has been seen be more than 43 million people and has grossed $3 billion to date) give the story factual “oomph?. The reporter could have called the show “high-grossing? or “widely-seen,? but numbers like these say more than words could and give the story added interest and intrigue value.

The Star Tribune: