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On first day/follow story

A Friday Star Tribune article outlined the guilty verdict of a federal jury for a Brainerd woman, Jammie Thomas, for violating the copyrights of recording companies when she allegedly illegally downloaded music. The lead was definitely constructed as hard-news – it had a detailed account of who, what, where, and when. The story that followed in the Star Tribune on Sunday references the woman’s plight in the lead but also hints at the bigger picture, saying, “The music industry may have won a symbolic battle with a Duluth jury’s $222,000 judgement against Jammie Thomas of Brainerd, Minn., but it has lost the war against music piracy, according to industry analysts, copyright lawyers and information technology experts.? This second story advances the news by offering a greater amount of context to the issue on a larger scale. Saturday’s story goes on to mention different music-sharing services and what they consist of as well as commentary from experts within the music and technology industries. The reporters also interviewed young college students, placing their comments within the story as well to add perspectives from the larger community.
The story has a couple of comments from an interview Thomas and gives more background on her – her career, family life and her salary. It also contains a block of text detailing a sample of the songs whose copyrights she was found by the jury to have violated.
The additional information on the second-day story fleshes out not only the readers knowledge of Thomas but of the greater meaning of the guilty verdict and its impact on the public and the music industry.