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Poll: Minnesotans do not support gas tax or special session

There is more opposition than support for a new state gas tax to pay for transportation repairs, says a new Star Tribune Minnesota Poll.
The poll found that 50 percent opposed raising the gas tax, while 46 percent were in favor. Even more respondents opposed a special session to deal with transportation problems in the wake of the Minneapolis bridge collapse, with 53 percent calling it unnecessary.
Forty-two percent said they thought there should be a special session.
The poll surveyed 802 adults in Minnesota between Sept. 18 and 23. It has a margin of sampling error of 4 percentage point plus or minus.
It also found that sixty-eight percent approved of the way Gov. Tim Pawlenty handled the disaster, and 58 percent approved of the DFL-led Legistlature’s handling of it.
A majority, by 53 percent to 42 percent, says the matter can wait until next year’s regular session.
Minnesota’s gas tax is among the lowest in the nation, at 20 cents on the gallon. According to the Star Tribune, it was last increased in 1988, when it had the buying power of 35 cents. The average state tax is 28.5 cents, according to the American Petroleum Institute.
Responses varied most by education and party affiliation, said the Star Tribune. Fifty-seven percent of college graduates approved of raising the gas tax, compared with 45 percent of those with some college education and 39 percent of those with none.
Support split along party lines as well, with 56 percent of Democrats willing to pay a higher gas tax and 41 percent of Republicans willing to do so.

The Star Tribune: