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A place with meaning to me

Working through busy schedules day after day can be very stressful on our minds and bodies. People learn to deal with stress in there lives in many different ways. Some people like to go out to a baseball game or side down and watch a movie. Other people find relaxation in going out and socializing. It all depends on the personalities of each individual to determine what works for them. For me, I find running or rollerblading as a way to relieve tension and take my mind away from the daily activities in my life.

Last year as a freshman here at the university I was able to go out and discover a place of refuge for me. I found this during one of my stress relieving runs down on the parkway the flows along the river. It was here were I was able to sit back and relax as I look at the beautiful houses and the dancing leaves over the river. It was on this adventure where I found my favorite house, where I discovered hiking paths that lead down to the bank of river and where I found Minnehaha Falls. I find the journey to all of these places and each destination to be very meaningful to me in that I forget about the crazy world around me and get a chance to be myself. Each place gives me the sense of freedom.

Since the first time I went on the parkway I felt at home. I wasn’t sure why I felt this until I really thought about it. The parkway reminds me a lot of Winona, the town I grew up in. Winona is a smaller city on the banks of the Mississippi river in southeastern Minnesota. There are two lakes in the middle of the town with a bike trail that runs around the perimeter of them both. the sun sparkles over the water in the evening s and there is often a light warm breeze. the trees too are very beautiful and colorful during the fall. The bike trails on the river up here almost connects me to the trails of along the river and lakes in Winona. especially because it is the same river by which they runs. I am no longer home sick is this place and that is meaningful enough.