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Opposition is "the act of placing opposite, or the state or position of being placed opposite." ... So what in life seams not to work well with each other?... What come to mind for me is the ski seasons in my high school career, Junior year in particular. Skiing is complemented by snow, and its opposition is grass. In order to be able to participate that the section and be able to qualify for state you must participate in at least 3 varsity cross country ski meets through out the season. This year there was hardly any snow and we were still doing dry land training in December and January. Teams all over the state were luck if they had 3 or 4 meets that season that weren't canceled because of the lack of snow. Obviously, you can't ski on grass and rocks, you can try but you wont move.

That year in order to get in at least three meets we had to find some alternative resolutions. I remember we had one of our raced be a dry land running race and counted it as a real meet because we competed against other teams. The other thing we did was move our races from cross country trails to down hill ski trails where fake snow was made (and in horrible condition because of the warm weather) and we had our raced up and down the "Easy" trails. This was one of the strangest skiing season I have ever witnessed.