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Social Design Issue

The biggest issue in the design of big cities is in parking. There was once a time when each household owned only one car. Now a days we are finding that there is at least a car for every driver in the household if not more. With this being the case more and more cars are on the roads going to many different places like work and school. Because of the increase in the usage of cars, more and more parking spaces are needed. However, because of the growth of cities with new buildings and companies, the areas designed for parking are being taken over by new buildings. This combination of increase of cars and decrease in parking is not a good combination. This is more and more important the bigger the city gets. A good example of how parking is being taken over by other things can be found right here on campus. In order to build the new football stadium on campus we are taking out several blocks worth of parking. Now, not only is it taking the parking away but because of the new stadium, more people then usual will be coming to the location making parking in more of a demand then ever before. This is a big issue that will continue on as time continues on.