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Mathematics in Architecture

Mathematics is found every where you look in architecture. The main characteristics I see most often is the role of geometry, symmetry and proportion. These specific characteristics will be demonstrated through the following images:



First in the photos of the Villa Rotunda.... we see the symmetry developed in the floor plan. Each side of the building is mirrored to the apposing side. The aisles are placed at a cross plan with reflecting sides. The geometry is found in this building as well. There are many different aspects but the major geometric characteristic is the dome in the center of the building. This is a very common structure found in many different important buildings in architectural history. Finally, the proportions of this building is shown through the height of the ceilings in each room, the center space under the dome being the grandest, and the large grand pillars that stand outside the doors showing its importance. Proportions are not always made to the human body in architecture, often times, they are made in proportion to power. The taller or largest building make them appear more significant.