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Final Blog Prompt


The two readings are talking about different things but are connected through one strong relationship. This relationship is found in the human desire for more. Neil Gershenfeld, the author of “Fab� focuses on the personal fabricators and how we as humans motivated to “make things they’d always wanted, but that didn’t exist� (Gershenfeld -6). Robert Twombly demonstrates this same focus but through the specifics of architecture. As stated on pages 230-1, humans have the “desire for the yet not made�. What these two authors are saying is that we as humans are not satisfied and strive for more and more. Today we have entered into the stages of Virtual Reality. The virtual reality that we have created consists of the things done online. We are able to send documents all the way around the world. We are able to do research looking up information from almost every library near or far. This is something that we have never had access to before. We are able to communicate without once opening our mouths. We are able to be in a partnership with people we have never seen before. That is our virtual reality.

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I will now stray away from the assignment a little bit. While doing the readings there is one part of Twombly’s article that I would like to address. On page 230, it says “What nature makes it makes without man, and what man makes nature cannot make without him.� This statement is giving all the power to man. When in all reality, man can not make what nature makes, period. In fact, man cannot make anything without nature. So then doesn’t nature have all the power? The article also says, “What man makes, yes, must answer to the laws of nature but is governed in his concepts by rules and choice.� The rules of man is not governed by himself but really it is governed by nature. We try to make dams to control the waters for our own uses but they break or nature rebels and you lose your water source completely because you disturbed the waters natural path. We make large cities on the edge of the land and even stretching out overtop the water, but then nature comes along and can destroy it within minutes. Lets use Hurricane Katrina as an example. It destroyed all of New Orleans and killed way more people then the man made catastrophe of 911. Nature gives us limited resource that hold power over us, as well, in everything that we do; gold, gas, water, the list goes on. When we build we build around nature. We have to make sure our buildings can survive through earthquakes or have shelter for tornadoes. Nature may not make a house like Twombly states but nature does make a home.

Humans design to make a great creation, but Nature makes a great creation by using our design. (After all, who controls our natural light?)


[This kind of reminds me of the first movie we watched where that guy goes around and makes a bunch of things in nature. Well, the part where he is making a symbol of the river with icicles on the rock and then the sun came out and hit it just right. In the end that beautiful piece of work wasn’t created by him, it was created by the sun. It was the sun that made it what it was. That is the power of nature, not of man.]