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So, if you've ever had a group project, raise your hand...

In my Digital Photography class, I did two applications, and this was the first. This class is largely quick to understand new concepts and is quite interactive. My idea was to try again, in a sense on using the internet for research (see my posts on the Advanced Photo class application), and creating a website as a learning experience that leaves behind an artifact. I also wanted the students to get more savvy with basic html code, and media remixing. I wanted it to be collaborative to build energy and share ideas. I also wanted citation to be a bigger priority, and to be more clear with the students in what I wanted.

A huge motivator for me in developing this lesson, was my excitement about the possibilities of Google Docs. I wanted them to see the possibilities for group work now in high school, not to mention the future possibilities for business etc. Google docs was new to me, so I wanted the final platform to be familiar. The result is that the final product would be published on ArtsConnectEd.

So, the plan is to have them work through a scaffolded process of gathering images, gleaning understanding by looking at them, summarizing themes, then sharing the themes with others through a website. The website will be a large group effort, but the individual parts will be created by a combination of small group and individual efforts, which contain accountability measures within them. My hope is that all the students will have fun, learn about two free web-based platforms, and learn content and procedural knowledge about landscape photography.