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Thousands Protest Troop Increase


Summary: Almost 100,000 protestors gathered at the National Mall Saturday to voice their opposition against Presdient Bush's plan for a troop increase in Iraq. The event drew demonstrators from across the country and several prominent celebrities. More than 100 veterans of the Iraq war also attended.

The article by the Washington Post does an admirable job covering a variety of reactions to the protest. One of the more prominent challenges in this article would be providing a fresh angle on another anti-war demonstration. While there is the usual smattering of antiwar rhetoric by actors like Tim Robbins and Jane Fonda, the article also contains quotations by veterans who served in Iraq against the war. In this aspect, the authors succeed in recognizing what is truly news worthy.


Another article by the Los Angeles Times contained many of the same elements as the Washington Post article. Both of the leads were hard news leads and somewhat lengthy. The L.A. Times version also contained an obligatory Jane Fonda quote. However, this version also commented on who was not there, such as notable figures like Barack Obama or Hiliary Rodham Clinton. This was a notable twist in an otherwise generic article.

I thought the coverage by the Washington Post easily outclassed that of the L.A. Times, as their reporting seemed more precise and well-rounded. I also found the choice of quotes used by the Washington Post report to be more insightful. Presenting the views of individuals who served in the Iraq war in opposition to a random faces in the crowd easily allowed the Post coverage to trump the Times.