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Bush Meets with Democrats


An article by the New York Times entitled, "Bush meets with Democrats on their turf," talks about President Bush's visit to Democrat's House retreat to discuss issues such as Iraq and domestic policies. It marks the first time Bush has met with Democrats in such a format since 2001.

I thought the lead in the article was servicable and set the tone for the article, emphasizing that Bush did not view Democratic dissent over his initiatives in Iraq as unpatriotic. The focus of the piece centered around the importance for Bush to work together with House Democrats in the final years of his presidency. Thus, the overall tone was quite concilatory, mentioning the number of times Bush was interrupted by applause and his attempts to lighten the mood with humor.


The lead in this article by the Los Angeles Times is somewhat weak and generic, seemingly voicing the sentiment that Bush views Democrats as enemies, then refuting that claim the next few paragraphs. The L.A. Times coverage seems a lot more divisive, and focuses on negative Democratic response to the statements made by President Bush. I would say that the author doesn't deal with the challenge of breaking a reader's preconceptions about such an event.

Overall, I thought the New York Times article was more effective because it seemed more objective. while the L.A. Times article possessed an undercurrent of agenda.