August 1, 2006


I am not very fond of blogs--at all. However, now that I have one, I shall try to seem like a blogger. I have been a student at the University for the last two years as a PSEO student. When it came to college decisions, I ultimately decided that I should at least finish up my liberal eduation requirements before considering transferring to another school. Not one be be grouchy from the start, I am exploring Carlson's advantages to ascertain if I like the school enough to stay.

In my spare time, I love to dance and play music. I have been in dance since I was three, and it is basically my life. Another passion I have is music. It is almost necessary to be surrounded by music at all times. My two favorite hobbies are very entwined with each other, and they make my life wonderful. For college involvement, I am considering joining the club dance team at the U and have enrolled in the Campus Band. I look forward to extending my knowledge on both subjects and furthering my happiness.