September 9, 2005

all ideas connect somewhere and everywhere

sometimes when i'm listening to an idea in class i meander too deeply into my own thoughts so that when i finally comment aloud, i'm way across the pond from the original stream of thought, which often reminds me of the quick succession of jumps in hypertext that can take your from your search on zebras to the medicinal properties of birch trees, as an example. when we were talking about breaking the formally imposed rules of text my mind started clicking through the entire history of literacy and print culture. One of my plan b papers for the M.A. is about early modern authors and the distribution of their work during a time of unprecedent global changes. One of my classes this fall is "Readers and Book History" which i am avidly interested in because it kind of rounds out my initial studies, plus Rob's class is a nice foil, so to speak, along with and against the discussion of history and audiences. I really sit forward and pay attention when looking at the theory and history around class, literacy and technology and how these evolving cultural aspects collectively transform social structures, how we mass communicate and so on. Last night I read a chapter from A History of Reading In the West which talked about how we moved from only reading aloud to silent reading. Only monks and the such used to reading silently. With the advent of silent reading, people gained a lot of privacy, as you can imagine. Posted by wood0072 at September 9, 2005 6:53 AM