September 10, 2005

areas of interest

i have many interests and couldn't seem to pick just one. Wonkette is one of my favorite political blogs that is biting, and funny, but still, usually uses a modicum of tact for serious issues, well actually maybe not even as much as a modicum, but their tagline is 'politics for people with dirty minds,' so you know it's not exactly CNN, which is a relief, but anyway, regardless, the people who write it are very intelligent and informed, and very east coast irreverent.
i like Earth Blog by environmental scientist Dr. Glen Barry. i don't read it all the time because it can get pretty overwhelming, at least to me. i know about all of the global ecological issues, but at times i just need to step back and think about my recycling and buying bulk items, you know, the conceivable actions while i have nightmares about the sea levels rising while polar bears have to shave their fur and sit in tubs of ice.
i just found this trail runner's blog, though it's mostly interviews and such. i absolutely LOVE trail running. i can run at least 3x's farther in the woods. i'm just like a running deer... they say that runners improve every 7 years so this is my year to kick it down because i ran Grandma's 7 years ago this coming june.
this music for robots blog is a couple of east coast guys who are teachers and love indy and underground music. it started out pretty nonchalant but it has caught on and now they sell little known cds and even do compilation music for robots cds. the web has been catch-22 for musicians because, yeah, a lot gets illegally downloaded but now you can also promote your own stuff slick as slick. in fact an old friend of my just sold me his first album from cdbaby.
yeah, so, there it is. isn't it fun to talk about all of the things you like? and that's just the beginning... Posted by wood0072 at September 10, 2005 7:46 PM