September 10, 2005

military blogs

for the past few years i've been trying pretty earnestly to be fair to the right wing, yes, yes, i know that sounds a little silly...but the majority of my family, well, all of my family besides me, is either mostly right or extremely right, and so i decided to take this as an opportunity to become a better liberal by at least trying to fathom the other side, unfathomable as it may seem at times. so much public debate fails to bridge any gaps. many of my liberal friends are surrounded by liberals, and come from either Minnesota or Massachusetts, so why would they ever really need to encounter an actual living breathing right winger, besides, perhaps at the very occasional hockey game. but, what was i saying? see how we digress like children, what? okay, so i found some blogs from the the actual people who serve in the military instead of a blog by pundit or jounalist, and i find them really engaging and enlightening. Operation Truth is written by war vets in general. Lost in Iraq is written by an infantry for their friends and family back home. It is very candid and remindful of the fact that our 'troops' are real people over there, and are more than a passionately heated political media topic and magnetic bumper sticker contest. Posted by wood0072 at September 10, 2005 8:36 PM