September 16, 2005

Time is an invention

Last night when I was dj-ing a woman had a t-shirt on that said 'time is an invention.' For class, I've been reading about the the influence of literate culture on the implementation of a formal time system.

The past few summers I've kind of floundered about in all of my unstructured time in constrast to the tight regimentation of my school year time use. But, as parents of young kids know, even your free time is nothing like the breezy pre-child days. When I have time to myself I think, ok, now I really need to make this time count, instead of chillin' and not filling those child-free hours with too many goals.

TIME. Clayton posted an entry about it last week. It's an issue none of us can evade. When I dj I don't get to bed until 3 a.m. Last night Ash woke up at 3:36 with wet pj's, so..., clean him up, take him to bed with me, get up at 6:30, make breakfast, etc., do my reading for class, etc. After a big lunch, I zonked on the couch this afternoon (Ash is with his dad) and didn't regain consciousness til 6:30 p.m. aww man. TIME.

I mean, I could quit my twice-a-month dj gig, but then what, you start cuttin' away all the fun stuff and you've got lack of verve, no spice, just the daily gruel.

But then I remembered, oh yeh, I really do have less time, it is not that secretly time leaks out my life, but that I really do have more to do than ever, and I never really believed it because so much of it has to do with wet pajamas, and breakfasts which I would normally skip, and trying to remember to slow down and wait for my three-foot little charge who simply can't walk as fast as his speed-demon mom. slow down. it's really very taxing at times, like riding your bike very very slowly to the point where it wobbles, but I suppose you eventually get the hang of it, or decide to get off and just walk. Posted by wood0072 at September 16, 2005 10:41 PM