September 18, 2005

sunday morning

last night i got home quite late and decided to blog under the influence of tequila and bushmills. i remember typing very, very carefully and writing some exuberant prose, but, i accidentally deleted it somehow. utterly stricken at the loss of blazingly sweet material, i dejectedly opted to turn off the computer and make a sandwich.

i am such a night eater, especially when i come home from imbibing. i made a toasted tomato and mozz sandwich with mayo, garlic and oregano. then i made another one. ..... i took this picture of tomatos from my garden, but now i can't find it in my pictures...later i guess.

last night was such perfect weather. nice moon, good temp. i get into all sorts of trouble when my son visits his dad. good thing i'm going to pick him up this morning.

we're going to the BEACON TO THE BAYOU benefit concert down at Bayfront. it starts at 1 and goes til 8 with lots of great local bands: Charlie Parr, Trampled, Little Black Bks, there are more i can't think of at the moment. it's only $5 so i hope it's not sold out. the fetus ran out of tickets right away. it should be an excellent way to donate and get in touch with folks at the same time. and, this weather!, you can't beat golden september days.

Posted by wood0072 at September 18, 2005 9:41 AM