September 20, 2005

GORILLAZ: dangerous cool cartoon thug band

dare_05.jpg dang. i just lost another post again when i was uploading this pic. dang. i need to remember to compose in notepad. awright. over it.

Gorillaz have been pretty successful of late. their real identities are unknown to their adoring public. the inescapable irony of being a rebel band. which Gorillaz acknowledge in their album art, is that success is the doom of all iconoclastic ventures. can you be successful and famous and avoid idolatry?

another remarkable thing about Gorillaz, is how little the fans really care about the fact that the front-men are cartoons. it just sounds really good.

on the other hand, i think it does make a serious difference that the cartoons are so rad. if the band members looked like the back street boys, or the beach boys, their fan base and level of success would be different, for sure. there are similarities here to the hoaxy fiction that can be so surprising and alluring. Posted by wood0072 at September 20, 2005 9:23 PM