October 1, 2005

diversionary moment

i'm trying to muster up the kind of resolve that revises research papers in need of huge help.

of course i keep wishing that i could write poetry, or go hiking, or buy a new bike, or floss my teeth, or read the newspaper...but i have to say NO, by god, NO. i locked my self in my office, but now here i am posting.

what has 75 balls and screws old ladies?


sorry if that was too lewd, but not really, i mean get your mind out of the gutter!

it is, of course, beautiful outside. i get to go out at 3 if i've at least made a decent effort.

it's helpful to split myself into 2 people on days like today.
"now andrea, if you don't get some work done i'm going to kick your ass!"

"oh, now you don't really mean that, besides, i'm not a violent person..."

"who are you kidding? i've seen you drive, anyway, get to work, NOW!"

see how that works? very useful at times. speaking of The Times. Some interesting stuff in the news about journalistic integrity lately. and they think the web is unreliable. this reverence for the written word can equal a blind faith of sorts that has paralleled, historically, another type of blind faith that we've been discussing in my History of Reading class, and that our fearless leader also employs for his own purposes. i'll leave it obscurely at that.

now, where did i put that key... Posted by wood0072 at October 1, 2005 9:12 AM