October 5, 2005

The moon and barometric pressure

I've been intermittently obsessed with an idea lately: the connection between the phases of the moon, barometric (or atmospheric) pressure, storms, and human social behavior. it's kind of a lot to weave instantaneously, but for the past two new moons, this Monday being the most recent, we've had big rain storms, Dayna finally got some waves, and the people around me have undergone more angsty strife than usual.

This is highly anecdotal and speculative, but I just know some one must have explained this all somewhere. I been looking on the web, but haven't found the right scientist who confirms my thinking. There is a substantial amount of writing about the moon's relationship to the female reproductive cycle, but I think it goes further than that, and causes more planetary occurrances than we realize.


do any of you know about this stuff? from gardeners to fishermen, to anthropologists to geologists to meteorologists, the moon can give you clues to so much. it's probably very simple, but I can't seem to find a good book about.

On this moon phase finder site you can enter you birthdate and it will tell you how the moon shown as you entered the world. Posted by wood0072 at October 5, 2005 12:39 PM