October 9, 2005

creating warm autumnal memories

we had a very bizzy wknd. my threshold for social interaction was reached, and maybe even surpassed, but on the whole, especially now that i am back in my cozy house, it was fun to be so bizzy. i neglected to bring my camera anywhere, darn it. punkin.bmp

i finally made it over to Bayfield for the apple party. it was very crowded, but a lovely drive. and we went over to madeline island on the ferry. i always seem to forget that those things are mostly about buying stuff and eating and drinking.

today we went to Nordic Ridge farm over by Grand Rapids. I've been meaning to do that for quite awhile as well. the farm rocked. and it was another beauty of a day, weather-wise. there was a big corn field maze, and a huge tube slide that came out of the hayloft and animals and hayrides and so on, and pumpkins, of course. we got a humongo pumpkin. i could barely carry it back to the car. it's pretty sweet.

i kind of carpe diemed the wknd cuz you never know when the weather gods will smile on you in october. and i got to go for trail run. I LOVE FALL IN MINNESOTA!

and before i forget, the nordic ski swap is nov.12 at snowflake. the alpine swap was this wknd at spirit. i was thinking about getting a snowboard but maybe that will have to wait and be my reward for finishing this silly degree i'm working on.

now that i'm done, recapping my wknd i feel like i should receive some sort of commission from the mn tourism council. Posted by wood0072 at October 9, 2005 9:29 PM