October 13, 2005

All the kings horses

I checked back in with my Iraq blog, Operation Truth, run by war veterans, and linked to a new blog that they were featuring called All the King's Horses written by a soldier named Daniel who has been in Iraq for almost 6 years.

lil horse.JPG He was supposed to be discharged after his fifth year but then the military instilled a new policy that required him to stay. He is patriotic and committed to his responsibility to the military, but becoming increasingly angry at the lies he receives from the U.S. gov't.

He fulfilled his obligation, and increasing calls into question the patriotic selflessness that he supposed to live by. It is the same kind of unquestioning selflessness that terrorists use to convince their followers. He mentions that the government has in fact imposed some restrictions on soldiers who blog. That raises so many key issues about free speech, national security, the borderless internet, etc.

It is an earnest and level-headed blog that reflects what many soldiers are experiencing daily in Iraq. I really like his blog name, which he said derives from his wish to believe he is more than a mere kings horse, that he has a purpose, that he will get his life back, that he will respect his country again. Posted by wood0072 at October 13, 2005 10:47 AM