October 18, 2005

i love connectivity

i was just thinking how nicely my three classes are gaining cohesiveness, as in, relevance to each other, and creating a nice big picture of relatable material. i think, that what it says, maybe, is that the web is related to everything, at least everything i do.

there is already a large bit of web history that can be looked back upon, even as we are trying to figure out what is coming next. and not only does it affect how my personal day to day life is lived, it influences how i think about the theory i'm discussing in my classes.

i really like when things gel, and when i find connectivity.

also, on a different note, i think that because our class is so small we should all go out to the brewhouse at the end of the semester and congratulate ourselves for all of our fine accomplishments. Posted by wood0072 at October 18, 2005 10:40 AM