November 1, 2005

trust and inhibition, connecting and withdrawing...

this couldn't be a more perfect example of the web's connectivity and, also, its self-perpetuation:

a week or two ago, the author of my buddy blog, Reshma Sanyal, found my blog and gave a 'thank you' in my comments about my comments on her blog. i didn't give it much thought.

today, so relieved was I, to finish my html project, that later during Ash's nap, instead of working diligently, i meandered around come what may on the web and absent-mindedly checked in with 'this world, as i see it, sanyal's blog.

well, she had copied an excerpt of my entry into her blog (scroll down to 'the good with the bad' entry), which surprised me, simply because of the foreign-ness of seeing my words elsewhere. yeh, i was really surprised.

and then, if you read the rest of her entry, you'll find that some one else thinks she is a complete contrivance--which she may well be. But, the eye-opening thing is that i never even questioned whether or not she is real--i just related to her so much, or, at least, could relate an aspect of myself to her.

it was truly enjoyable to be caught unaware--to realize that i'd trusted that she was utterly real--and i was sort of, very enlightened to realize that i am still so trusting and willing to believe in text, even though i thought that i was more skeptical.

we really do believe what we want to believe. this can be good, this can be bad, just like human nature. Posted by wood0072 at November 1, 2005 2:51 PM