November 5, 2005

Text Mortality

Text Technology is an interesting journal that exams the use of text in all of its manifestations and uses. Sites like this, and like Nines, provide a place for ideas and research to meet. This was one of the goals in creating the web: to map out information and to connect people with that map.

Blogs provide communities, and maps for ideas as well, less formally, and also, with a more limited array of possibilities. Blogs can springboard you to another level of ideas on the map, or they can reach their limit and end when they've served their purpose.

Eventually, we will need to establish the standard procedure for keeping the web uncluttered, so that, when a blog or site has reached the end of its life, it will be properly disposed of.

But then, what about archives? How far back do we save? How do we save EVERYTHING when there is so, so much? Hard copies are not saved forever. There are issues of space, durablility, and simply deciding what ought to be saved to begin with.

Posted by wood0072 at November 5, 2005 4:29 PM