November 6, 2005

How do we decide what matters in a blog?

Writing can be a tool for interpretation in a variety of scenarios. Just as the Socratic method relies on dialogue to seek knowledge, so too, writing can create an inner dialogue that enables revelation. A blog can act as a written interaction with yourself, but it is also invites dialogue with others in the public sphere of the internet.

At a rough level, a blog is a game. You post, and you don't know who will answer, and you don't know who is reading. Not all readers leave a message. Consciously or not, a blogger uses a blogger voice, naturally different and distinctive from other voices they might use in text, say with email or with a research paper. You have a character as a blogger that is solely used for blogging.

If all interaction is a form of play, with unspoken rules, and preconveived traditions, the game of blogging can be understood to offer the same dynamism and perhaps, escapism, of all games. Posted by wood0072 at November 6, 2005 6:17 PM