November 10, 2005

Academia: war of the words

Oh no, She's looking for the meaning of it all.

it's interesting. Sometimes we think that "capturing" a moment will enable us to enjoy that moment more, let it not slip from our feeble clenched fist-full of hourglass sand.

And sometimes, we think that excess consciousness, or over-awareness, will wreck the moment, spoil it.

So, presence of mind or presence of the moment?

Yes, you're right. It is not dichotomy, but so much of us is designed in pairs and oppositions. Dichotomies can be useful for organziational purposes, and the gray area can then do its magic.

Like the proverbial dog chasing the proverbial car, what will scholars do once they have rested their case, and puncuated their final point. Are they really all only going after their tenure? And the dog? Is he really only concerned about his dinner?

What makes it LITERATURE?

For a couple of weeks, I've been thinking that we need some new vocabulary, a sort of new territory, because everyone's trying to claim the same patch of the literary landscape.

I googled define literature , and, of course, the response covers vast territory. Again, I say, no wonder we cannot agree amongst ourselves.

Posted by wood0072 at November 10, 2005 12:27 PM