November 17, 2005

shelf-life of a blog.

I'm kind of bored with this world, as i see it. Maybe I liked it at first because it reminded me of a younger me, but now, that nostalgia has run its course.

I hope Sanyal, the blogger, is not keeping up with my blog.

So, is this boredom indicative of a blog's ability to hold interest, or is it merely evidence of my short attention span? I guess, like any narrative, there has to be enough to hold your interest.

Unless I have a personal connection with the blogger, I'm not going to stay tuned. What she writes doesn't give me enough incentive to spend the commodity of my time reading it.

but, she probably doesn't care either. Blogs are for personal use, most often. is the web more for convenience or for exposure? mmm. convenient, and public. a mixed bag of text effects. communication simultaneously public and private. mmm. can't really be private and public at the same time. pubvate. openly private. revealingly private. Posted by wood0072 at November 17, 2005 11:42 AM