November 19, 2005

A Blog and dagger operation

I'm often behind on my newspaper reading. I get the Sunday Times, but it can be a week or two later before I actually get around to reading some it.

Yesterday I read an article that is very interesting in light of the fact that the U.S. soldier, Daniel, who wrote my Iraq buddy blog, got shutdown by our military.

The article, from last Sunday's paper, is about a new American intelligence unit called the Open Source Center that "keeps an eye on the global flood of nonsecret information." Blogs are included in that nonsecret information. The Center reads pop culture sources to, at minimum, read public opinion, and at most to decipher intelligence secrets.

A quote from the center's director, Douglas Naquin, really caught my eye. It resonated clearly with Daniel's situation:

"There's not much difference between working with a disgruntled military officer as a clandestine agent and reading what a disgruntled military officer posts on a blog."

Perhaps he speaks of our young Daniel himself.

For the sake of speculation, I have to think, careful...sometimes we know not what we are really doing...big brother's always listening.....or reading...

who's reading your blog? eye5.gif

Posted by wood0072 at November 19, 2005 9:25 AM