December 7, 2005

She and Her

In Plato's Pharmacy Derrida writes:

“Hence the dialectician will sometimes write, amass monuments, collect hupomnemata, just for fun. But he will do so while still putting his products at the service of dialectics and in order to leave a trace for whomever might want to follow in his footsteps on the pathway to truth. The dividing line now runs less between presence and the trace than between the dialectical trace and the no dialectical trace, between play in the “good? sense and play in the “bad? sense of the word.? (153)

Her: There's no reasoning with you. You're impossible.

She: Well, darling, at the moment, I'm all you've got.

Her: Oh, I wouldn't be too sure about that, toots.

She: You really do get quite piqued don't you! That is so cute.

Her: Cute! Why you patronizing little doily...!

She: Come now, my hot-headed pugilist, let's just make some tea and sort this out! I just love your energy!

Her: Lady, you are something else, I think you oughta go back to your red-hat club or where ever it is that they feel so happy and spunky about everything because this refusal to grasp the bitterness of life is giving me an itchin for whiskey like you wouldn't believe!

She: Whiskey! How divinely hurly-burly! Do you have a tattoo?

Her: (groan of disbelief, agony, and frustration at not having her stalwart and gruff gumption taken seriously by She.) arghhh..... Posted by wood0072 at December 7, 2005 7:03 PM