December 15, 2005

the storm

ok guys, just gotta mention: another storm on a full moon night, a change in barometric pressure, and, as always, even though i'm exhausted, today i felt great, had an energy burst all day long, and had mental and physical stamina. Very weird for this time of semester and holiday season.

i just really like being aware of these connected occurrences. once i got over the fact that i packed ash's lunch, shovelled my way out and slip-slided to ash's CLOSED school this morning, the snow was so awesome. btw, MPR does not mention duluth school closings. and really, are we mice or minnesotans?

i don't know why i'm still up. i can't sleep and can't work on my stuff anymore. but the screen is starting to pulse so i think i'll try to go to sleep again. Posted by wood0072 at December 15, 2005 12:37 AM