December 18, 2005

Word Mass

(sitting on the couch)

She: They want more words. (sigh)

He: Well, that’s your job, isn’t it? ( smoothing the plastic wrap over the window) …this is so staticky.

She: That’s not a word.

He: What? Staticky?

She: Yes, staticky. It’s not a word. (inert languor) There are enough words. Use a word that already exists. I mean, how big does the dictionary have to be.

He: But you knew what I meant. Doesn’t that make it a successful word if you knew what I meant? (scratches head)…do we have any chips?

She: Computer chips? Wood chips? Tortilla chips? Potato chips? That was an unsuccessful word because it wasn’t clear what you meant. (picks at thumb cuticle) Ouch, shit. That hurt.

He: Yeh, right, I was asking if we had any wood chips. (moves away from She)

She: Well, maybe you were going to smoke some pork or something.

He: Yeh, right.

She: I have to go write more words. I wish I could send them a tape with my spoken response on it. Mm.but that’s words too. But not physical words. (slides closer to He)

He: (looks at She suspiciously) What?

She: We have some bbq chips in the pantry. (smiles) you could use them to smoke the pork. (laughing)

He: my my, you are so puntablous that it hurts. Do we really have bbq chips?

She: Technically, that was not a pun.

He: You’re a tyrant. Go write your words. (gets up)

She: (feigned weeping) ahhh…plagued by text…

He: (calling from the pantry) hey, we do have some chips, chicken flavored! I hope you didn’t drink all the root beer.

She: agh…(a thump as She falls off the couch) ouch…

He: aww, darn, the root beer’s gone.

 Posted by wood0072 at December 18, 2005 12:21 PM