November 17, 2005

DANIEL in Iraq

THIS is really interesting. I used my link for All the King's Horses, my Iraq blog, and it brought me to a blog titled "free big tits porn." I am NOT going to hyperlink to that blog. good gravy people.

so I googled for the King's Horses blog, and found it moved to his girlfriend's blog.

The last time I'd checked in with him, he was writing about how he was feeling disillusioned about the war, how he was not allowed to go home after he fulfilled his tour, and how the U.S. gov.t was cracking down on internet use in the military. His last entry says that he was ordered to discontinue his blog, and there is also a formal apology and retraction that sounds suspiciously forced:

Double Plus Ungood
I thank all of you who have been so supportive recently. I have never before received so much positive feedback, and it was very heart-warming to know that so many people out there care. Having said that, it breaks my heart to say that this will be my last post on this blog. I wish I could just stop there, but I can not. The following also needs to be said:

For the record, I am officially a supporter of the administration and of her policies. I am a proponent for the war against terror and I believe in the mission in Iraq. I understand my role in that mission, and I accept it. I understand that I signed the contract which makes stop loss legal, and I retract any statements I made in the past that contradict this one. Furthermore, I have the utmost confidence in the leadership of my chain of command, including (but not limited to) the president George Bush and the honorable secretary of defense Rumsfeld. If I have ever written anything on this site or on others that lead the reader to believe otherwise, please consider this a full and complete retraction.

I apologize for any misunderstandings that might understandably arise from this. Should you continue to have questions, please feel free to contact me through e-mail. I promise to respond personally to each, but it may take some time; my internet access has become restricted.


Changing the rules as they go? Retracting a contract?


So, evidently, if you join the military to help pay for school, you forfeit your right to communicate and conscientiously object. If they're going to bribe young students into joining the army, they should at least pay the bribe.
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November 1, 2005

trust and inhibition, connecting and withdrawing...

this couldn't be a more perfect example of the web's connectivity and, also, its self-perpetuation:

a week or two ago, the author of my buddy blog, Reshma Sanyal, found my blog and gave a 'thank you' in my comments about my comments on her blog. i didn't give it much thought.

today, so relieved was I, to finish my html project, that later during Ash's nap, instead of working diligently, i meandered around come what may on the web and absent-mindedly checked in with 'this world, as i see it, sanyal's blog.

well, she had copied an excerpt of my entry into her blog (scroll down to 'the good with the bad' entry), which surprised me, simply because of the foreign-ness of seeing my words elsewhere. yeh, i was really surprised.

and then, if you read the rest of her entry, you'll find that some one else thinks she is a complete contrivance--which she may well be. But, the eye-opening thing is that i never even questioned whether or not she is real--i just related to her so much, or, at least, could relate an aspect of myself to her.

it was truly enjoyable to be caught unaware--to realize that i'd trusted that she was utterly real--and i was sort of, very enlightened to realize that i am still so trusting and willing to believe in text, even though i thought that i was more skeptical.

we really do believe what we want to believe. this can be good, this can be bad, just like human nature.
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October 14, 2005


this is kind of weird: i didn't do anything to it, but the words from the goddess mother's 'artemis' entry have vanished. seriously. it's almost a full moon, and we're approaching Halloween and the Day of the Dead...
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reshma sanyal

Untitled Document

reshma sanyal, the author of this world as i see it, has some poetic entries. she uses pretty colors and different fonts and all that good stuff. and her photoblog has lots o neat shots.

reshma is from india so she goes to cool places, like calcutta, and has some different traditions, like pujas. and she spells pome,' pohm', which i think is pretty. she's kind of exotic and bohemian and down-to-earth, all at the same time. today is her birthday and she got lots of nice presents.

i've enjoyed her blog.some entries she just writes a pohm about wine, the next she might be tagged to write a 55-word story, the next she's talking about a trip she took. i don't know how old she is, or where she works, or any of her specifics, and i kind of like it that way.

i called reshma an 'author' on purpose because i'm tired of the literary canon and a bit tired of the bubble world of academia. this is brain fatigue talking, i'm sure.

in one of my classes we've been (re)reading the ole Barthes and Foucault and all that jazz about the almighty 'author,' that yes, i used to revere much more than i do now. authors used to be my superheroes, but now i know the kind of life scholars have to lead and... i want to live, more than posthumously. i want to get past myself, do i want to transcend...? that would be pretty sweet.

what is an author, what about the death of the author, am i an author? is anyone who can write an author?

i haven't even been drinking tonight. but i've got to run, i'm actually going out into the night way after my bedtime. so farewell, dear reader, i bid this tangentially challenged post, bon soir~*


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October 13, 2005

All the kings horses

I checked back in with my Iraq blog, Operation Truth, run by war veterans, and linked to a new blog that they were featuring called All the King's Horses written by a soldier named Daniel who has been in Iraq for almost 6 years.

lil horse.JPG He was supposed to be discharged after his fifth year but then the military instilled a new policy that required him to stay. He is patriotic and committed to his responsibility to the military, but becoming increasingly angry at the lies he receives from the U.S. gov't.

He fulfilled his obligation, and increasing calls into question the patriotic selflessness that he supposed to live by. It is the same kind of unquestioning selflessness that terrorists use to convince their followers. He mentions that the government has in fact imposed some restrictions on soldiers who blog. That raises so many key issues about free speech, national security, the borderless internet, etc.

It is an earnest and level-headed blog that reflects what many soldiers are experiencing daily in Iraq. I really like his blog name, which he said derives from his wish to believe he is more than a mere kings horse, that he has a purpose, that he will get his life back, that he will respect his country again.
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October 8, 2005

our commonalities

i think elvira fulch and my wiccan earth goddess mother should get together and talk about hunting. gathering from fulch's last letter her zealousness for hunting could use some redirecting into a more positive energy flow, and the goddess is all about positive flow.

the goddess would probably love to meet patches, as well. the feline nightwalkers may be tempermental, but they are old and wise, and royal, afterall. the feline is also, one of nighttime's stealthiest hunters.

how wonderful that the blog has helped bring us all together.
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September 23, 2005

...she's a flight risk


...she's a flight risk is a melodramatic fictional blog that reminds me something i would have enjoyed writing as a teenager or young 20. the writer, 'isabella' is a young fugitive from a wealthy european family. she has some cool embedded links on it, like decrypting programs, and dear raed.
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September 22, 2005

Dullest blog in the world

this blog is like many cell phone conversations i hear. it lacks depth, but is good for a grin.
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September 10, 2005

military blogs

for the past few years i've been trying pretty earnestly to be fair to the right wing, yes, yes, i know that sounds a little silly...but the majority of my family, well, all of my family besides me, is either mostly right or extremely right, and so i decided to take this as an opportunity to become a better liberal by at least trying to fathom the other side, unfathomable as it may seem at times. so much public debate fails to bridge any gaps. many of my liberal friends are surrounded by liberals, and come from either Minnesota or Massachusetts, so why would they ever really need to encounter an actual living breathing right winger, besides, perhaps at the very occasional hockey game. but, what was i saying? see how we digress like children, what? okay, so i found some blogs from the the actual people who serve in the military instead of a blog by pundit or jounalist, and i find them really engaging and enlightening. Operation Truth is written by war vets in general. Lost in Iraq is written by an infantry for their friends and family back home. It is very candid and remindful of the fact that our 'troops' are real people over there, and are more than a passionately heated political media topic and magnetic bumper sticker contest.
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areas of interest

i have many interests and couldn't seem to pick just one. Wonkette is one of my favorite political blogs that is biting, and funny, but still, usually uses a modicum of tact for serious issues, well actually maybe not even as much as a modicum, but their tagline is 'politics for people with dirty minds,' so you know it's not exactly CNN, which is a relief, but anyway, regardless, the people who write it are very intelligent and informed, and very east coast irreverent.
i like Earth Blog by environmental scientist Dr. Glen Barry. i don't read it all the time because it can get pretty overwhelming, at least to me. i know about all of the global ecological issues, but at times i just need to step back and think about my recycling and buying bulk items, you know, the conceivable actions while i have nightmares about the sea levels rising while polar bears have to shave their fur and sit in tubs of ice.
i just found this trail runner's blog, though it's mostly interviews and such. i absolutely LOVE trail running. i can run at least 3x's farther in the woods. i'm just like a running deer... they say that runners improve every 7 years so this is my year to kick it down because i ran Grandma's 7 years ago this coming june.
this music for robots blog is a couple of east coast guys who are teachers and love indy and underground music. it started out pretty nonchalant but it has caught on and now they sell little known cds and even do compilation music for robots cds. the web has been catch-22 for musicians because, yeah, a lot gets illegally downloaded but now you can also promote your own stuff slick as slick. in fact an old friend of my just sold me his first album from cdbaby.
yeah, so, there it is. isn't it fun to talk about all of the things you like? and that's just the beginning...
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what a captivating personal blog.

i thought i would be searching endlessly for a personal blog that was not merely punky spewage but then I happened upon this young indian student's blog with the tag This world, as I see it. and it's really quite lovely. she shares the personal poetically and with an awareness of the bigger picture. and I really like the perspective from India, it is such a paradoxical, alluring place.
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