July 19, 2005


In the Volpp article I found it very interesting that it was pointed out the comparison between the Dowry murders and domestic violence murders. I guess I never realized the comparison until it was written down. As Volpp states, when the murder involves a minority it is seen as cultural, yet when it involves white people it is somehow normalized. The shooting involving a gun compared to burning with fire.
The domination that the United States uses globally has interesting consequences to make acts of the caucasian race normalized. Is it really part of reality to be shot while driving down the freeway, because you cut someone else off that was driving? Citizens of the United States do not see this as a cultural aspect, because we do not see ourselves as a culture. We see ourselves as 'normal'. There are many things that are traditional in our culture: for example the tahnksgiving turkey or superbowl sunday. It seems that the so-called white traditions are those we expect the rest of the world to know and understand, although the majority of the citizens in the U.S. are not aware of any Islamic traditions.

Posted by mich0339 at July 19, 2005 7:30 PM