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Promptly #5

Ahhhhh damn. Well. I have just accidentally erased my blog. Twice. Behold the opposition of (wo)man and technology!! And how will I deal with this opposition this time? I will write my blog in a word program and save the damn thing every three minutes just like I should have done each time before! Sigh. SO. On to my witty and insightful observations… again!

Diary of Oppositions
My weekend was kinda rough. My biweekly ‘Oh-god-I-am-now-living-in-Minnesota-and-it-is-cold-and-grey-and-I-cannot-go-surfing-nor-pick-mangoes-from-my-front-porch-anymore- breakdown’ fell on a Saturday night this week and by Sunday I needed a little cheering. It was looking like a dreary road ahead come Sunday afternoon- Monday morning threatened a major drawing review and I was not yet done with all my drawings. This meant a long night in the library or some other lonely location with nothing but a pencil and a heavy book in front of me. Hmm… Here I came to my first opposition: the opposition of Desire and Duty. To me, this is one of the most fascinating oppositions we deal with. Its universal (among humans at least), and we all handle it in different ways in different situations. While desire seems intimate, personal, or even instinctual at times, duty is largely culturally-determined. Compare, for example, a Japanese student who commits suicide after receiving poor grades, and your average angsty American student. Cultural. Anyway, my duty told me to go to the library and patiently draw a bunch more drawings and then go to bed at a reasonable hour so to be fresh in the morning to elegantly handle to onslaught of criticism guaranteed from Mr. Petrovsky . My desire, one the other hand, had a much more enjoyable alternative cooked up. It said, “Screw the homework and go to a fantastic dance show of a company you have been wanting to see forever!? I wanted both. This was around 6pm and the show was at 8. The resolution? I rushed home, started one more quality drawing; at 7:20, I threw on my heels, grabbed my friend, kissed my dog and my worries goodbye and left for a remarkable night of dynamic human sculpture with the Pilobolus Dance Company.

The show was amazing. The most intriguing part for me was born out of yet another opposition: that of Man and Gravity. It’s interesting to me to think about all the incredible things done in reaction to gravity. Every step we take is in defiance of a universal force that is trying to keep our feet on the ground. But look how we resolve that!...
we kitesurf agaisnt it

we dance with it
we create incredible technology to defy it…

And without it, we would not exist. So there you go. Thanks be to gravity!
So after a nightful of gravity-defying dancing, I went home happy and inspired. Finished my drawing and gave in to the desire for a hot bath. Here yet, one more opposition (several actually): Humans and the Elements, or, more specifically, the opposition of Ranier and the Cold. I resolve my body’s need to be warm and nature’s need to have a cold season, by taking hot baths and putting extra comforters on my bed.
Lovely hot bath finished, I got a late night call from someone I wanted very much to talk to, leading me to my final opposition and that it: college and the college student’s need for sleep, which seem to be near impossible to resolve. :) However, I will now try to resolve these two things for myself ending this blog now, and getting my tired butt to my glorious bed (with extra covers).