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Final Blerb

To be honest, I am having a hard time with this little one. The two other groups in our discussion section didn't focus on the actual designed environment that much (and it is therefore difficult to wax poetic on how they do). The group that created the golf course did work with the designed environment in a cerain way because they designed something and it affected the environment, but it was not about the school environment or the ACES use of the designed environment persay... I suppose if the golf course was made and it became a semi-permenant structure in the school then it would affect the aesthetics and traffic flow of the space, probably slightly changing the children's attitudes about the program, and possibly affecting the dynamics of rec. time itself. This group delt with the designed environment mainly as a backdrop to their invention. They did not seek to change it or alter it in any way besides adding a new sport to rec time, which, in their deffense, would probably benefit ACES, which doesn't have a lot of influence over the designed environments it inhabits.

...yey golf!