When do we actually become aware of our conscious?

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After watching the BBC Horizon "The Secret You" I really began to think about our mind and body, and how every person has her or her own conscious. Mark de Sautoy sits in on a study testing whether or not babies are fully aware of themselves and their conscious. This study proves that it is not until we are between the age of 18-24 months until we become self aware. Watching the baby looking in the mirror and examining himself, but not noticing that it was really him or that something was different on his face, such as the sticker on his face, shows that the baby doesn't fully recognize who he is. This is extremely interesting to me because babies can see, hear, smell, move, and respond before this time, however, they cannot recognize themselves and who they really are. It is fascinating to think that everyone, for a small part of their lives, was unconscious of who they were. Although I cannot remember that time as a young child when I was unaware of who I was, I wonder what it was like and if other people have had an experience like this that they can remember. Also, I would be interested to know what it is that changes in our brains, from the time we are unconscious of our selves to that time when we become fully aware of our self and our conscious? With the technology and resources scientists and doctors have today, I think it is very probable that we can find an answer to this question, and further investigate complex concepts such as how one's conscious works.


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