My Interview with WCCO Reporter, Bill Hudson

I recently sat down for an interview with WCCO-TV reporter Bill Hudson. This man is an incredibly talented storyteller who has been in the journalism industry longer than I have been alive. He has been working for WCCO-TV for over 20 years and continues to share the compelling and riveting stories he's been telling for decades. I was interested to hear Bill's story and his advice when it comes to the journalism field. He had an immense amount of information to share but a few things stuck with me that I will never forget. He had some great information to share that can be applied directly to my current position in college.

I think a lot of college students have the mindset that they need to take the first job they're offered out of college. Because of this, many students end up unhappy with the wrong career, in the wrong career path. Bill taught me that it's important to know what you want and to be able to tell if a job is the right fit for you or not. If a job isn't the right fit or it doesn't feel right, don't accept it. After graduating college from St. Cloud State University, Bill took a year off while he searched for jobs and even turned a few job offers down. It wasn't until a year after his graduation that Bill found a job that felt right for him. I've seen many students before me graduate and feel shameful or upset that they don't immediately have jobs. I've also seen students accept jobs that aren't in their careers paths or jobs that they simply hate. Of course it's rare that you'll land your dream job after college but at least go for something that makes you happy and is in the realm of your career goals.

The journey to your highest potential in your career "doesn't happen over night" as Bill would say, but don't get lost on the wrong path trying to force your way there. Do what you love and love what you do, and as Bill told me, "Keep an open mind, but set your standards high and be true to yourself, and the subjects of your stories, and you'll do a good job and succeed". I think it's important for college students and professionals entering the working world to hear this advice. Bill's advice helped me to set high standards for myself while also not setting them too high. It's a difficult balance but if you understand it, it will help you to succeed and be happy with your first, second, even your third job. Keep your head up and follow your dreams. It may take some time but as long as you stay on the right track, at least you know you're heading in the right direction.


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