My Letter to the Editor - Minneapolis Music Scene

Minneapolis has a great music scene and an abundant amount of listeners that live and breathe music. The big concerts that are held at Target Center and Roy Wilkins get plenty of attention. They're often advertised, promoted and discussed through multiple media outlets in the twin cities area. These concerts and their performers are popular, extravagant and well let's face it ... expensive. I have nothing against these big productions but the true heart and center of music in Minneapolis takes place at the small venues with the genuine and humble bands that have yet to discover fame. It's at these concerts that I've seen the best shows, met the best people, and have had the best times. It's at these small venues where you can pay $10 to see a show, stand five feet away from the stage and even meet the band members after the performance is over. As a newspaper that contains a music section and covers music events taking place around the metro area, it's these concerts that I think you're missing out on. I'm always reading articles and reviews on the big shows that everyone else is writing about. I'd like to hear about the shows that no one else is writing about; the shows taking place at First Avenue, 7th Street Entry, Triple Rock, Varsity and Cabooze. Minneapolis is lucky to have so many intimate venues that have the character and uniqueness that they do. Let's find a way to bring the underground Minneapolis music scene to the surface and write reviews about the authentic shows that are taking place all over the twin cities area. Now this is something I'd like to read about.

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