November 23, 2004

I am the luckiest girl ever

So my birthday (okay, pre-birthday) day has been amazing. We got back just a little bit ago from Restaurant Alma. It was amazing. I had a trout appetizer with potato chunks and mini croutons, a main dish of seared ahi tuna with a meyer lemon sauce and beans, and a dessert sampler of stout gingerbread with candied apples, lemon souffle cake, and a pistachio mousse with a chocalate torte. Add to this two glasses of a delicious Cotes du Rhone and the good company of the boy, and I am very very happy. I also got some of the coolest presents ever. I always find birthdays when you are dating someone to be difficult -- gifts can be interpreted as having all sorts of intentions and meanings and while you don't want things to be misinterpeted, you also want to be romantic and sweet.

On this front, the boy did an amazing job. I got a Napolean Dynamite sticker with a picture of a liger on it ("Its only like my most favorite animal ever!"), a cute card, a "Biker Chick" jersey (yay finally, a real bike jersey with pockets and air wicking. And in baby blue too!), a baby tee with GIR on it (and he is in his cute dog suit, yay Invader Zim), a gorgeous cream wool sweater from this Italian boutique place that we both really like, and a box of Godiva dark chocolates. I am a very very happy girl. I love birthdays.

Tommorow I am heading to the deep south. arghh deep south.... yummy southern food.

Posted by woodw032 at November 23, 2004 10:30 PM