April 10, 2005

Perfect Day

This weekend has been just wonderful. Yesterday, I got up, the boy and I went to REI, Penn Cycle for him to test ride a GF 292, grabbed a bagel and then took the bikes to the flats to do skills work. I got to practice downhills (butt off the seat and behind it), rock gardens, and balance. This ended up being really fun since we brought along the camera and took pictures and watched the geese. Then, we went out to Penn Cycle in Bloomington to get a few things on my bike adjusted and decided to go check out the River Bottoms. We rode for a bit out there, having a lot of fun and just playing around. We returned today and rode for about 7 miles and I was very very blissed out. It was just wonderful; a breeze coming off the river, beautiful scenery, nice twisting singletrack but still beginner friendly. We came back, showered, and walked over to Town Hall for sandwiches and beer (not as good of a grilled cheese as Annie's, but Annie's doesn't have beer, so a worthwhile trade-off). I fell asleep in the recliner, a very happy me.

Posted by woodw032 at April 10, 2005 5:41 PM