April 15, 2005

New Acheivement

I am so excited -- yesterday I rode over a log pile successfully for the first time ever. I jumped up and down and felt significantly better (especially since earlier I had run into a tree and skinned both of my knees). Today has been pretty mellow. I got up, walked to French Meadow, read the new Citypages and had a croissant, walked back, went to the gym and sat in the hot tub to help get the aches out, went to Barnes and Noble, and am now substitute teaching. My big idea for the day is to go and see a nutritionist at the U. My eating is really screwed up right now and I am not sure what I need to be eating for the amount of biking that I am doing and I get ravenously hungry and after a few bites, I feel ridiculously full, only to be ravenous in a couple of hours. And, it is free. If anyone is looking for girly beach-reading type books (i.e. Katie), I recommend Bergdorf Blondes, it is funny and light. Right now fluffy is good.

Posted by woodw032 at April 15, 2005 12:49 PM