April 20, 2005

kitties and bikes

So, when the bike first came into the apartment, Dae was not a fan. There was hissing, anytime I moved the bike, she looked shocked and horrified, and was generally unhappy about the large imposter. I think part of it had to do with the various smells of the bike -- the oils and lubes, combined with the smells the tires picked upfrom riding on the trails and roads. However, something has now changed -- I leave the bike there for a little while, and somehow the cat has determined that she loves the bike. She uses the big chainring as a back scratcher (a process I should probably stop), twists her tail in and out of the spokes,and rubs her head against the tires. Either this proves the seductive power of my bike, or the cat is crazy.

Today was my first day at the bike shop and it was pretty fun. I also found some bright pink streamers and bell. If Katie ever gets a bike, I will get them and send them to her.

Posted by woodw032 at April 20, 2005 10:16 PM