April 28, 2005

more bike ramblings

It has been eminently kinda busy over here. I have gotten permission to take a Leave of Absence from grad schoo. The afternoon after I learned this I was perhaps more relaxed then I have been in 3 years (though the beer with Underblog) could have greatly helped that. My work at the bike shop has been going well and today consisted of learning about road bikes, and "having to" test ride a fes, including a Trek 5000, with a carbon frame, a Giant OCR bike, and a Lemond Steel frame bike. They were all pretty amazing, though the Carbon bike was, well, too nice for me -- it required more control and competence on a road bike then I have. However, my Demon Monster bike might have to become accustomed to a little brother -- a lower end road bike. However, I have tried to pre-bribe him with a new Bontrager XX Lite riser bar, shorter stem, and eggbeater petals. Hopefully, this will help him welcome his sibling.

I now understand why the boy wants a bike room. I was feeling excessive until I learned that some people I work with have 5-6 bikes. However, I have just realized that previous paragraph is probably interesting to no one. Sadly, I have to talk about what I am doing to my bike, since last week I went on my longest ride ever and fell on my knee. The scab and scrapes are really hideous, though apparently the boy and his friends think girls with scars are cool.

Hilarious quote from the boy just now "Hon, I have thought many things about you, but never have I thought of you as breeding stock."

We are watching the new, musical version of Reefer Madness and it is painfully, painfully funny. I am very excited to go see "Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy" tomorrow, though I am insisting (much to my geek's chagrin), that we are not allowed to bring towels.

Katie, here is the bike for you; it is BRIGHT pink in actuality: The Bonnie Cruiser.

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