August 22, 2005

Holy hell I am a teacher

So nothing in the world can remind one of the feelings of being an errant high school kid much like attending an all-school faculty meeting. For a little over 2 hours today I sat in a huge auditorium with many other teachers

Hold on, the boy has lost his wallet...

Wallet has not yet been located, hopefully it is in or around the car, where the boy is looking now.

Anyway, the faculty meeting went on forever and we had a nice breakfast with it but I had my horrible, I am uncomfortable and feel painfully shy feeling and ended up only saying really inane things.

And the wallet was, for some reason, in the 5 minutes between coming in the door and determining it was lost, placed in the panniers on the commuter bike (to distinguish it from the 3 other bikes in the upstairs of the apartment). Was the bike the chosen mode of transportation (i.e. was their any reason for the panniers to be utilized? No. Is the boy still cute. Yes.

Anyway, the faculty meeting was long and boring and tomorrow there is an even longer one that is just with the faculty in my division. I am doing some curriculum work and shoping one of the new coaches around Blake and discussing this year. Wow, this is ridiculously boring....

I had a great bike ride yesterday. After feeling like a big slug since I couldn't ride out at the debate camp, I had one ride where I was plodding along and lacked endurance. Yesterday was still a getting my legs back sort of ride, but we did about 14 miles and averaged between 14-18mph in the flats. I am also learning how to draft off the boy. When we would draft off each other we were going about 20 mph and that was very exciting. However, a paceline of two people is pretty sad. I want to get back to riding more then 14 miles in one ride without significant crotch-al agony (though I am appreciating the really nice shorts I got even more now).

Other random news:
The Apple Mighty Mouse that just came out is great; it fits nicely in smaller hands, is programmable, and (as with all Mac products), is adorable. T

Katie has a new blog, it is (Often) Pedantic Musings. I am a fan of the Blogspt format I have to say, though the colors are surprisingly muted for the Katie-bear.

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