May 17, 2005

Sometimes its hard to be a woman

For the last few days, I have had the punk version of "Stand by your Man" stuck in my head. I will just randomly sing out "He'll have good times, doin things that you don't understand."

I am now officially done with all of my grad school duties; all of the exams are graded and the full course's grade sheet has been sent in. I was planning on doing something celebratory, but I am not sure what. Maybe I will cook something later today (though I will probably sit on the sofa and watch DVRed TV) and reading more of which has the most horrifying wedding stories one can imagine. I am so very relieved to be finally done with this year and feel likeone very very relaxed Moosey.

April 13, 2005


It is an absolutely beautiful day outside and hopefully I will get a ride in. I have an interview for a PT job at a bike shop, which I am very excited about. I actually want to learn how to be a bike mechanic or assemble bikes, so I am hoping that I could do that and not just do sales. I am very sore from the climbing yesterday and carrying plates, etc earlier sadly hurt. Now, I am in the middle of subbing and it is (again) fairly uneventful. Many of the students are wearing buttons in support of GLBT persons and today is the "Day of Silence," where some students are not speaking for the entire day. Sadly, it is the students who don't talk who you wish would talk and the students who are talking that you wish wouldn't, but that seems to be inevitable. I wish I had something exciting to write about. The laptop (or iBeloved or, if you are a LOTR fan, the iPrecious) being back is delightful, especially since I haven't gotten to update or play around with the iPod's playlists since February. The Apple store undercharged me and Gap was having a sale, so one transferred into another. I got very cute wide leg pants and a bright blue big bag. I think I am as antsy for this class to be done with are the kids are.

I am feeling especially anti-University right now. The graduate students are voting on Unionization this week and we have all been receiving the e-mails from the OHR department. My favorite was that the unionization process, since it was collective, would destroy the student's individual relationship with professors. I fell down laughing at this -- what individual relationship with the professors? If I wasn't going to vote before all of this, these e-mails certainly would have convinced me.

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